1/ Purpose and scope of collection

The customer's full name and phone number are acquired on the website in order to connect the customer with a third party - the supplier that the customer is requesting or ordering.

2/ Scope of information use

Personal data will be gathered for one or more of the following purposes:

Customer support
Provide information about the service.
Processing orders and providing services through our website at the request of the customer.
Commitment to protecting personal customer information.

3/ Information storage time

The personal information of the customer is stored for a period of time in order to serve the requirements given by the customer or comply with our legal obligations

The criteria for determining the retention period for your personal data is:

When customers purchase products and services, we will keep their personal information as long as the contractual transaction relationship is maintained.
When a customer contacts us for find out more about the product, we will keep the customer's personal information for as long as necessary to process the customer's inquiry
When we no longer need to use a customer personal information, we will delete that information from all of our systems and records or we will hide it so that the customer can not be identifiable.

4/ Commitment to protecting customer information.

5/ We respect the privacy of our customers and customer’s choice

6/ We make sure that privacy and security are embedded in everything we do.

7/ We will never sell or share your personal information.

8/ We are committed to public and transparent about how we use your personal information.

9/ We do not use customer information in ways that have not been notified to the customer.

10/ Respect the rights of customers and serve customers with all self abilities.